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Designing LCD Modules
Designing LCD Modules
We aim for new advances for the future using U-TEC’s accumulated expertise.

Products incorporating LCD panels, such as TVs, mobile phones, and digital cameras, are developing rapidly. We have an impressive track record in the LCD field, where advanced technology is essential, and by constantly incorporating the latest technology and methods, we can overcome challenges related to quality, cost, and delivery schedules. Our team of engineers can meet the demands of customers and even exceed their expectations. U-TEC technology is constantly refined at our technical centers, each of which has its own individual character. Technology Information

Details of LCD Module Design
With the watchword of rapid and precise response
Design and evaluation of LCD modules
We design and evaluate LCD modules for use in a wide range of products, from large-screen LCD TVs to portable devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras. We can quickly produce high-precision prototypes for accurate evaluation, and subsequent design changes are also implemented rapidly. The result is a significant reduction in the lead time before actual production.
Appropriate application of sophisticated technology and expertise
Technical support for manufacturing
In addition to design work performed in Japan, we dispatch engineers to offshore production facilities in China and elsewhere to set up production lines and get them into service. Participation from the early stages by our production technology engineers allows rapid adjustment of both the design and manufacturing aspects. The goal is to get the line up and running as smoothly as possible, and to achieve improved production efficiency and quality.
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