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Developing Exclusive Technology
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Developing Exclusive Technology
We develop new component and commercialization technologies to meet the contemporary demand for safe and affluent lifestyles.

How can we extend current technology and apply it in new and different fields in response to the requirements of our customers and society? We undertake research and development work from this perspective by actively advancing new product ideas and working to commercialize them. In the years ahead, we will continue to use our creative energy as we break into new fields and progress into a new era. We constantly strive to develop products that provide real value. Developing Exclusive Technology

Details of Exclusive Technology Development
We aim to develop new products based on the results of our own research.
Component technologies developed through our R&D work form the basis for the planning, development, and design of new products. U-TEC combines impressive technical expertise and marketing prowess to commercialize new product ideas for particular sales channels. We will continue to open up new markets by offering products optimized for the demands of the times. Details of Exclusive Technology Development
Fields of ongoing R&D and product commercialization
R&D work to boost production efficiency
Electrostatic technology
We are currently developing anti-static devices to effectively eliminate static electricity, a serious issue for production facilities in fields including electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food products, as well as effective tools for measuring the charge of electrically charged particles. With electrostatic technology as a core technology, we are pursuing R&D work also on applications for ionizing elements, and systems for improving their functional performance.
The latest technologies to support development and manufacturing operations
Sensor technology
We develop new sensor technology by building on our expertise in the manufacture of electronic equipment and components. For example, we have developed both fixed and handheld code readers that can instantly read special, minute 2-D codes. These are now key tools in ensuring product traceability.
Development of long-lasting lamps
Illumination technology
We are working to develop new types of long-lasting lamps that will be more environmentally friendly. They require replacement less frequently, reducing running costs. Their structure can accommodate a variety of shapes, allowing more freedom in the design of lighting fixtures.
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