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General Product Planning
Developing Exclusive Technology
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General Product Planning
We pursue high added value and superior quality, driven by the passion our customers feel for their new products.

We accept requests and sometimes guidance from customers, then provide proposals after diligent preparation on our side. The knowledge, expertise, and exclusive technology we have built up over many years of interacting with our customers are our most valuable assets.

We work with our customers from the planning stage onward and provide support during all parts of the process, including design, prototyping, evaluation, and construction of the manufacturing system. This reduces the total time required for product development, reduces costs, and enables rapid accommodation of the requirements of corporate customers and the market. Our engineers bring a vigorous spirit of inquiry, enthusiasm, and energy to their tasks and always strive to provide high-value craftsmanship.
General Product Planning

General Product Planning
Details of General Product Planning
Giving shape to customer requirements
3-D CAD design to assist product planning
Our consultations with the customer start at the planning stage. Once the specifications are finalized, 3-D CAD design is used for structural analysis of the strength and vibration tolerance of the product body or individual units. Along with high quality, reduced cost and better productivity are pursued in all areas. We also provide 2-D CAD services for tasks such as tracing handwritten drawings and the production of assembly and part drawings. 3-D CAD design to assist product planning
Advanced modeling and prototyping technology to cut costs and shorten delivery times
Hot-melt laminated modeling and prototyping
Our hot-melt laminated modeling systems use 3-D CAD data to generate models from ABS, polycarbonate, or highly heat-resistant polyphenol sulphone resin. The process is very quick because it is not necessary to make molds first, and the results are comparable to models produced using conventional metal molds. The system can be used to confirm dimensions and also to test heat tolerance and rigidity. This reduces the required lead time relative to the overall development schedule as well as costs.
Hot-melt laminated modeling and prototyping
Application to mold design data
We provide customers with prototype models produced using the 3-D data and hot-melt laminated modeling to assist them in the preparation of their own mold design data.
Application to mold design data
Wide-ranging coverage
Software development
Participating with the customer from the initial stages of product development, we specialize in tasks such as developing printer drivers or applications for multifunction printers, and developing automation tools for verification and efficiency enhancement. The wide-ranging coverage we provide includes services such as developing Microsoft Windows applications and office software, evaluation and testing, networking tasks, and testing of key benchmarks related to quality.
Proposals based on a thorough knowledge of the workplace
Designing equipment, tools, and facilities
With Eupplying products offering plenty of flexibilityEas our motto, we respond to the requirements of our customers by maintaining and improving work standards that ensure consistent quality in mass production. We design and manufacture tools and testers that provide high reliability and productivity, machine parts, and suggest ways to improve quality, processes, and person-hour management. We also design, manufacture, assemble, and calibrate equipment and systems for manufacturing home appliances and auto parts. Dust collector
Dust collector
Applying accumulated knowledge and expertise where its can help most
Technical support business
Either by providing technical development on a contract basis or dispatching engineers to the customerú site, we undertake a wide variety of tasks, including structural and CAD design, analysis, process development, circuit design, image processing, and development of materials. We provide highly reliable technology for endeavors ranging from small-scale technical development projects to the construction of large-scale systems.
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